The Unsung Heroes of Gastroenterology

The Unsung Heroes of Gastroenterology

Have you ever experienced excruciating abdominal pain? Pain so bad you needed to be rushed to a hospital and get operated on? Welcome to the world of surgical gastroenterology. Gastroenterology is the specific field of medicine that focuses on the digestive system and the disorders affecting the system. In the hospital when your chief complaint is abdominal pain and it cannot be alleviated by medicine administered orally or intravenously and it is found out that the problem needs to be operated on, fear and despair envelop you as you ponder on the current state of your body and if the operation will go smoothly. Rest assured that you should not fear for you are in good hands.

It’s not easy to become a gastroenterologist, you need to be certified by the Board of Gastroenterology and on top of that you have to get a medical degree to even start your dream of becoming a gastroenterologist and that is another story altogether, but my main focus here is not about your gastroenterologist but about your gastroenterologist nurses. Your gastroenterologist nurses are like the stage hands that keep a play together and running smoothly, without your nurses the operation would crumble and would encounter so many problems.

There’s this site called which is a abbreviation for “Central Oklahoma Surgical Gastroenterologist Nurses Association”. The main mission of the site is dedicated to increasing the proficiency of GI nurses to keep them up-to-date with the latest advancements in their field of interest and also to become an area where GI nurses from around the world can contribute their ideas. Headed by their president Ms. Ellen Rambert, the organization aims to become a source of information not only for GI nurses but also for us patients by giving us information on how to take proper care of our digestive system by living an active lifestyle and eating the right kind of food to help our colon. The site also posts updates on events they have organized in their own locality. Right now the organization i still hunting for fresh new minds to add to the board and to further expand their growing community.

So in the future if you encounter gastroenterology problems, thank your gastroenterologist but don’t also forget to thank your gastroenterologist nurse because they work hand-in-hand with your gastroenterologist in caring for you and letting you get back on your feet.

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